Electric Man cooks live fish in 2 minutes!

Zhange Deke
According to reports, 71 year-old Zhang Deke - a retired highway maintainer from Altay city of China's westernmost Xinjiang - charges himself with 220V of electricity flowing through his body as a form of routine "exercise" to keep himself fit! With both his hands grabbing onto live wires, Mr Zhang demonstrates his "physical conductor" ability by lighting up bulbs, and is even capable of controlling their brightness.

Here comes the best part: With the current running through his body, he is able to "cook" a live fish in just 2 minutes!

Locals often refer him as "Electric Man", or "Wonder Man". Mr Zhang also uses his unique ability to treat his friends and relatives with illnesses such as rheumatism, arthritis and lumbago, which turns out to be quite effective.

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Zhange Deke
Zhange Deke
Link & Image: Sohu
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