Couple Hire Helicopter for Cat

A catAn Italian couple paid £7,000 ($14,000) for a private helicopter to take their cat from Rome to Sardinia because it was afraid of planes and boats.

Luigi and Donna DiMichele were moving home from the Italian capital to the island of Sardinia.

Their black cat Fufi refused to go near any of the ferries they could have taken and was terrified of planes - but seemed happy around helicopters.

Donna said: "Fufi means a lot to us, and so investing so much money in one trip was worth it."

Source: Ananova
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Anonymous said…
How about $50 for a mild feline sedative and $13950 for CHARITY!
Spluch said…
I couldn't agree more. The money could have been put to better use... some people just have too much money on their hands.