Levitating Man Draws Crowd At White House

Wouter Bijdendijk LevitatingPeople snapped pictures and stared as a man "levitated" in front of the White House on Monday. Dutch magician Wouter Bijdendijk, also known as Ramana, said he couldn't say much about his magic trick.

"This is an art," he said. "And in India, they see it also as a science. I hope I make people wonder." "I just wanted to show that reality is not all that you think that it is," Bijdendijk said.

Image Gallery: Nbc4
Video: Reuters
Source: Nbc4
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S.A. said…
WOW! How the heck can he do that??
Spluch said…
I would be interested to know the tricks behind his illusion too!
Anonymous said…
he has a carpet under him, possibly covering a metal frame. Welded onto this frame is his "stick" that probably is not made of wood, but steel. Onto the upper end of the stick another metal frame is welded on which he sits. The upper frame is covered by his pants. He never moves an inch so my guess is he just sit on his cleverly disguised metal frame. //Zeroluck
Spluch said…
Now I know... many thanks for sharing! :)
Anonymous said…
think about it this shit is real There is more to our life/world that we haven't discovered yet or we are just afraid to accept.