Skiers Break World Record

most water skiers behind one boatThe world record for the most water skiers behind one boat has been smashed in Germany. An impressive 33 skiers managed to stay on their feet as they were pulled down the river, jostling for position. No ordinary speedboat would have been good enough for the record attempt - instead a river cruise ship named Heidelberg, was used for the attempt, on the Mosel River, near Poelich.

Source: DailyMail
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Anonymous said…
This is no where even close to being true! What a load of rubish. The record is 100skiers or more!!
Anonymous said…
The current world record was set in Cairns Australia in the 1980's. It is 100 skiers behind one boat.

There have been numerous attempts to break this including an attempt in Tasmania Australia today to pull 121 skiers.

Nobody has beaten 100 yet.

Good work in pulling out 33 skiers, but unfortunately not a record.

On the Evinrude E-TEC DVD, you can see a 20 foot hydrodyne ski boat powered by tripple Evinrude engines pulling 48 skiers. These skiers move into formation and make 4 person high pyramids.

Most american show ski clubs have a boat which can pull more than 33 skiers and do it often.