The Formula for a Perfect Smile

The Perfect SmileA dazzling white smile might be essential for Hollywood stars. But those glow-in-the-dark teeth aren't right for most people, according to scientists who have worked out a formula for the perfect smile.

As far as colour is concerned, they concluded that bright white should be avoided. Instead, they said, the whiteness of the teeth should match the whites of the eyes, otherwise the smile stands out too much and detracts from the rest of the face.

A smile's ideal width should be no less than half the width of the face and both upper and lower lips should be symmetrical each side of the mid-line of the face.

The top row of teeth should be dominant while very little should be seen of the bottom row. All teeth on display should be straight with no visible signs of restoration work.

The teeth should diminish in size from front to back. Those either side of the central teeth, the laterals, should be 61.8 per cent the size of the bigger teeth.

The next teeth along should be 61.8 per cent of the laterals. The width of the central teeth should be 80 per cent of their height.

And to avoid a horsey smile, very little should be seen of the gums.

Source: Daily Telegraph
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