More links for 29 Nov 2007

Top 10 bizarre eating habits. [Listverse]
The aftermath of a baseball size hail storm. [Flickr]
Tricks that advertisers use. [Chemistryland]
A white cockroach. [Boing Boing]
How eating a burger and chips can make your baby a boy (and chocolate will produce a girl). [DailyMail]
An ongoing dispute between two Satellite Beach neighbors over an outdoor home security camera has been reignited by a homeowner's large buttocks sign placed in a yard. With video! [Local6]
A council has apologised to an 88-year-old widow after a street cleaner told her she could be fined for sweeping leaves from her porch. [BBC]
Unique, expandable and customizable accent light. With video! [Thinkgeek]
A man won $1 million in the state lottery - and he might not be able to keep it. With video! [Wbztv]
A Greenpeace ad that makes it's point pretty well! NSFW! [Metacafe]
Woman says online activities helped her shed 530 pounds (240kg). With video! [Kttc]