Disabled Dancers’ Dazzling Ballet Performance

"Hand in Hand" is an entry for the CCTV Dance Contest held a few months back in China. It was performed by disabled dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei who moved and inspired the audience in equal measure with the performer's sheer dedication and talent.

"Hand in Hand" was the first entry from some disabled dancers in the four occasions that the contest has been run. Both the dancers had lost limbs as a result of car accidents. Ma Li lost her right arm and Zhai Xiaowei his left leg.

Their dance is about how people overcome life's frustrations and enjoy the happiness of love.

Dancer Zhai Xiaowei said, "After all, we're disabled people. But we dance with our heart and soul."

Dancer Ma Li said, "It's the power of love and the strength of joining hands, which keeps us persevering."

More links to their interview and tv shows in can be found at YouTube. Click on more on the right side.

Video: YouTube
Source: CCTV
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Jeff said…
I don't get it. Was one of them disabled?
Spluch said…
Both are disabled actually. The lady lost one arm while the man lost a leg... but they still managed to pull off such an amazing performance...
Jeff said…
LOL Splunch. You don't get my humor. Neither of them is disabled!

I'm an amputee (and I own www.wheresmyleg.com)

In my opinion, "disabled" is the most politically INcorrect thing to call an amputee. I'm the MOST able person I know.

But then, I don't hold a candle to those dancers.