More links for 24 Jan 2008

A portrait of Amy Winehouse carved from frozen wine. [YouTube]
The smallest adult canine in the world. [DailyMail]
Chinese man shows world what real love is by carving 6,000 steps up a mountain for wife. [AsianOffbeat]
The latest designer bunny. [Metro]
Ring pistol. [Littlegun]
Engineered mosquitoes could wipe out dengue fever. [Wired]
A duck in China has become a celebrity for its singing, dancing and counting abilities. [Ananova]
It is one of those travel decisions that regularly leaves us stumped. When standing at a bus stop for a short journey, is it better to stick it out and wait or start walking? [TimesOnline]
Bizarre facts about the animal world. [DailyMail]
What is it really like to be a videogame tester? [SeattleWeekly]
A gang of thieves is employing Trojan Horse tactics by smuggling a 'short person' -- a dwarf or child -- on Swedish buses inside a large bag in order to ransack other bags in the luggage compartment. [Spiegel]