Trying Out the Cheeseburger in a Can

Cheeseburger in a canAbout the cheeseburger in a can which I posted earlier, someone actually bought one and tried it out. Here's what he has to say as quoted from Something Awful:

It tastes... not so good. Very bland, kind of like pre-made tomato sauce and a bitter aftertaste. The lower bun got kinda soggy, which really lowered the overall experience. I'm not sick and I say I would eat this thing again if it weren't so expensive. And I really must say that this probably is faaaar better when you're many kilometers away from civilization on top of some mountain and you can whip out a cheeseburger with nearly the same quality as a McDonald's cheeseburger while your friend eats dry bread or power bars.

More pictures after the jump.

Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Source: Something Awful

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Azrael Brown said…
That is so awesome...terrifying, but awesome. Looking at the picture of the can, I imagined something you'd assemble yourself, or a spamlike substance that contains a hamburger's components, but *pop* an actual burger? Again, terrifyingly awesome.
David O'Rojo said…
Seeing that thing I would rather eat the power bar... even the dry bread.
Victor Ramiro said…
I want one!!!... if you think that the hamburger is in a doesn't look so bad :-)
Actually is better than a lot of other can food!
Yzak said…
OMG! this is GROSS... +O(

I prefer the canned Jam "Spam"
Mauro said…
Puaj, que asco!!!

Eso es incomible.
lloytron said…
is awful!! hamburgers are not well presented but this is worse!
It`s the worst hamburger i`ve seen
Anonymous said…
yummi !!
Anonymous said…
There is NO WAY it is worse than Spam. It can't be any worse than Chef Boy'ardee (or however you spell it) and it doesn't look worse than canned corned beef hash (even though that's pretty good). I'll have to keep an eye out and try one of these buggers.