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Cool Hairstyle!

Kid with hair standing on ends caused by static electricityWow! A little girl with a cool hairstyle! Would you like to have this hairdo?

Link & Image: Meer / Flickr
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Hahaha that funky hairdo reminds me of a Mr. Bean episode where he goes to a science fair of some sort. And there was the static metal thingy that people lay their hands on to achieve the hair-standing effect. I wonder how long the effect lasts though. Definitely not advisable for long hair!

Oh yeah, whenever I come across his name, his hilarious actions and expressions would just flash through my mind. Never fails to generate a good laugh!

Well, this picture was taken camping, so it was the tent interior (nylon) creating the static-y situation. As long as she stayed there, she had that hairstyle (her hair is rather fine anyway). Of course, some Aqua Net would've been required once she left the tent. :)

Her hairdo must have induced loads of laughter every morning around camp – a great way to start off the day. Thanks for your comments Heidi. ^_^

It's almost impossible to have that happen in a tropical climate thanks to high humidity. No amount of rubbing ones foot on carpet can generate enough static electricity to even make a tiny scrap paper stick on your finger. Okay, I admit that I actually tried that before... (carpet burn. Heh heh).

Sometimes, I get a split second shock whenever I touch anything metal… can even hear a ‘zap’ sound. Oh, and I live in the tropics too and don’t walk on carpets!

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