“Half Cooked” Lobster

A rare two-toned lobster found in MaineWhat is your first impression when you saw this picture (click on it for a larger view) of a lobster? So cruel, a half cooked lobster! How could anyone do this? That's my initial thought too. Surprisingly, it is neither half cooked nor manipulated by image editing software, it is the real thing!

This two-toned lobster was caught in Maine. It appears that the blue pigment present in normal lobster is missing along halve of its shell, thus giving it a half cooked appearance. The odd of finding one such lobster is 1 in 50 million. It must have been a really lucky day for the fishermen who caught it.

This picture reminds me of my lobster dinner experience while touring around New Zealand. It was Christmas Eve and the tour agency made special arrangements for it. Our eyes were popping out of its sockets when we discovered that each person was allocated a whole lobster! No words can describe my dinning experience at that time. Oh no, I am drooling already!

Link: National Geographic
Image: © Bangor Daily News / Abigail Curtis
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marsha said…
wow!! cool looking lobster. I have seen an all white lobster on TV before. Nice website by the way.
what an interesting photo...

wow, a whole lobster for each person! now, that's something i would want to experience. it's quite expensive here so it's reserved for special occasions. :)
Spluch said…
Heard that some scuba divers get so close to lobsters, they can easily grab one. Perhaps I should learn diving. That way, I can get free lobsters too! Haha.
Kelvin said…
Hello - again !!! From New Zeland. You ate a whole lobster !!! I can't even eat "half". As for scuba diving & lobsters - if you know where to look, well........!!!
I hope you don't mind but I have listed your blog @ #505 on my blog 21 21 21 Blogs as it is worth sharing.
Spluch said…
Oh boy, your lobster must be really huge!