ROBOROVSKI ... Cute Little Rascals

A Roborovski hamsterRoborovski hamsters are cute but extremely active. They can play the wheel for hours, and sometimes I wish I could have their stamina. Mine has given birth to 5 little rascals (a month old now) but unfortunately one died after a month since birth.

Whenever I let them out, it will always be a hide-and-seek session and I'll have to spend some effort to get them back into their cage. And trust me, they sure can run much faster then what you would expect.

Interestingly, they can sleep in different postures - sitting up, lying down flat, upside down. Although adorable, they are pretty timid and run like crazy whenever they sense some movement. And they do give a harmless but painful bite. How do I know this? Well, somehow the mum though my little finger was some kind of food and wanted to try its taste while I was feeding them.

Check out the full photoset from the following link.

Image: Spluch / Flickr
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