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Superman vs Superheros

Superman always triumphed when pitted against any of the villains in the movies/comics.

Would the outcome be any different if he is challenged by other superheros - Jedi, Batman, X-men etc? The following is extracted from Howstuffworks:

Jedi are fast, and part of their training involves fighting without using their sight or other senses. But they don't quite reach Superman's speeding-bullet status. Physically, Superman has the upper hand.

Because of Superman's strength and speed, using the Force to manipulate him mid-flight would be a lot like manipulating a starship. If the Force could manipulate starships in flight, Darth Vader could have crashed all the X-wings during the Battle of Yavin.

Please proceed to the following link to read more.

Link: Howstuffworks
Image: Joey Gossett / Superman Logo © DC Comics
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