A Theory of Everything

View of one of the largest young clusters of stars inside our Milky Way galaxyFor eons, humankind have been trying to work out a set of mathematical formulas that describes everything – from the large (the universe) to the small (sub-atomic particles) and the somewhere in between too (you and me).

In the latest developments, theoretical physicists have come up with the String Theory. Could this be the final theory? If this theory is true, then there are many strange and utterly bizarre implications. One of which is that there are a total of eleven dimensions of which we can see and feel only four (three dimensions of space and one of time).

Could there be aliens living in the other dimensions? What are the other implications? You can find answers to these questions and more by watching the fascinating online documentary titled The Elegant Universe from the link below.

Link: NOVA / PBS
Image: NASA
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