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An Unusual X-ray

Spotted anything unusual in the x-ray (Click on image for a larger view)? There appears to be an alien in it! According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), the x-ray was of a duck (an adult male mallard) with a supposedly broken wing. Sadly, this bird died not long after the X-ray was taken. However, is it really an alien? Here is what IBRRC has to say

A necropsy was done by UC Davis veterinarians and showed the stomach had some grain in it, but no alien.

Nevertheless, this one-of-a-kind x-ray which measures 17” by 14” and comes with a certificate of authenticity was sold on Ebay for US $9,600.00. For the full story, please visit the following link.

Image: Marie Travers / IBRRC
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