Apple to recall 1.8 million notebook batteries

Damaged Apple laptopApple is following Dell footsteps in recalling 1.8 million laptops affected by the recent Sony battery problem. This decision was made after a total of nine complaints of “overheating” were lodged by users. Apple's is the second-largest consumer electronics recall in history, behind only Dell's.

The affected laptop models are sold from October 2003 to August 2006 and include the 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook g4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4. The newly released MacBooks and MacBook Pros are unaffected by this recall. If you are an owner of the affected Apple laptop, check out the following site to determine if you require a battery exchange.

Sony has just released a statement regarding Sony’s support of Apple’s recall of lithium ion battery packs used in Apple notebook computers. In it, Sony explains the cause of its battery problem as follows:

On rare occasions, microscopic metal particles in the recalled battery cells may come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, leading to a short circuit within the cell. Typically, a battery pack will simply power off when a cell short circuit occurs. However, under certain rare conditions, an internal short circuit may lead to cell overheating and potentially flames. The potential for this to occur can be affected by variations in the system configurations found in different notebook computers.

Link: Image: Engadget
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