Cure for Hiccups!

A cup which cures hiccups when usedEverybody has their own cure to save themselves from the social embarrassment of a hiccup attack. A list of hiccups cure can be found here. However, more often than not it doesn’t work. Check out the Hic-Cup (Click on picture for a larger view).

According to Hic-Cups, the cup is made from steel and brass which generates bio-electric energy when used. This energy cannot be felt and is totally safe. So, when one drinks liquid from the cup, the brass rod and ball makes contact with the outside of the cheek thus “resetting” the “hiccup” nerves and therefore ends the distressing spasms. Finally, a cure for hiccups!

Link: Image: © Hic-Cups
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KB Raymond said…
Thanks for sharing about this new innovation! I write a blog about how under-rated hiccups are as a post modern performance problem ( I purchased one of the first Hic-Cups available and have been ecstatically pleased with my results so far. If one does not have a problem with hiccups it might seem silly...For those who really suffer with singultus, this little device is priceless!
Spluch said…
Hey, thanks for your feedback. :)