Fire ant raft

Floating fire ant colony.This fire ant colony is approximately one foot across. At this size, there should be millions of ants. Kyle Pias who took this picture wrote:

This raft was seen floating in a flooded portion of the Kissimmee Prarie. Im prettty sure the genus is Solenopsis, but Im not sure which species, and I doubt that its identifiable from this picture. It was taken from about 5 feet above the subject from a swamp buggy, and there was about 3 feet of water on the ground, so there was no getting a closer shot.

Can you imagine what would happen if something walked into one of these rafts? I cant even think about what to do if that happened, I doubt even dunking underwater would accomplish anything...

Eesh, scary little buggers.

Link: BugGuide
Image: © Kyle Pias
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