Fish n' Flush aquarium

Two-piece aquarium toilet tank by AquaOne Technologies.Here is a toilet bowl with lots of fish to keep you company while you are doing your… er, business. Hey, Fish n' Flush is a real aquarium.

Designed by AquaOne Technologies, the two-piece aquarium toilet tank fits most toilets. The site says that all you need to add is fish (they recommend small ones), gravel and water. It comes with a 12-volt dual filter system which makes it safe for children, two 9-inch plastic plants and LED lighting from the top, fill valve, flush valve and flushing system. Fish ‘n Flush even has a built-in feeder door.

You can get this fish-friendly aquarium for $450 at the following site.

Link & Image: FishNFlush via Popgadget
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Leslie said…
Wow, I never really thought of a toilet as serving as a fish tank too. Just wondering though, where is the water for flushing stored?

Lmao, I think I would be too scared from stage fright to do my business.
xXFlyawayXx said…
wow now, THAT is cool.

just a thought, when ppl go to the hs to visit, u hafta er... usher them to the toilet to proudly present the fish? lol.
Spluch said…
There are actually two separate tanks. The picture at gives a clearer picture of how they are separated.