Fly with a Jet Pack

A jet pack working prototypeCan you envision yourself flying in the air with just a jetpack strapped to your back? It would surely be an exhilarating experience. Rick Herron has just turned this into a reality by inventing a jet pack with the following characteristics:

  • Weights 40 kilograms
  • Able to carry a passenger with a weight of over 95 kilograms
  • Able to sustain flight for up to 10 minutes
  • Able to travel up to a distance of 6.5 kilometers
  • Comes with an integrated global positioning system
  • Sold on Ebay for USD $10,000

However, this is only a working prototype and according to Rick, future production models will be stronger, better looking and comes with a heads up display as well.

With humans taking flight in the future, more colours will be added to our sky. I wonder what the future will be like.

Link: MobileWhack
Image: SciFi
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