Frog juice Bug Repellent?

A frog in Bloomfield River rainforest area, Queensland, Australia.Australian researchers have discovered that one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents comes from an unlikely source: smelly frog skin.

According to Craig Williams, an ecologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia who led the research team:

"Because frogs have delicate skins designed for absorbing water from their environment, they are vulnerable to things like infections, predators, and [parasites that live in skin]," he said.

But human tests for a frog skin-based repellent haven't been carried out, and Williams and his team already foresee—or foresmell—some obstacles to making a commercial product.

"We tried putting some of the chemicals from frog skin in a lotion," he said, "but the odor was too strong."

Some of the frogs' secretions smell of rotting meat, the team reports. Others give off aromas of nuts or thyme leaves. The researchers say the strong smell is what repels biting insects.

Link: National Geographic
Image: Twinpeaks / Flickr
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