The future of paper

Image showing some uses of nanowire paperThe researchers at the University of Arkansas have claimed a breakthrough in nanotechnology by being able to create paper made from long titanium oxide nanowires. According to FM89 Newsroom,

The material can be bent, trimmed, and folded like paper made from natural fibers, but it's chemically inert and can withstand temperatures up to 700 Celsius (almost 1300 degrees Fahrenheit).

Tien says the material could have many applications, including filters against airborne bacterial spores, protective armor, and media for controlled drug release. But another application could be the future of printed paper. "We can, using ink, write things on [the nanowire paper], and when we shine a UV light on that, we can erase it. We can write, erase, re-write, re-erase," says Tien.

Wow, imagine the amount of paper this technology can save. Life will never be the same again when nanowire paper becomes commonplace in the future.

Link & Image: FM89 Newsroom
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