Invasion of pixel ads on a building

Building with pixel adsAt the age of 21, Alex Tew made his first million by selling a million dots(pixels) at USD $1 each as advertising space on his Million Dollar Homepage. News of it spread like wildfire and his pixels were completely sold out within four months.

The Sandberg Institute has adapted this concept to its building. With major corporations like Apple, Google and Sony taking up the advertisement space, it is definitely a lucrative business. Will residential buildings be invaded by such ads in future, I wonder?

Link: The Cool Hunter
Image: Ricardo Portilho
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sohee said…
hmmm cant tell if thats photoshopped or not.
Philea said…
Isn't it amazing how some ppl could come up with such idea and make millions overnight?
Spluch said…
Yes, indeed. Other than having an inventive mind, I believe luck played a very important part too.