A levitating bed

A magnetically levitating bed which floats above magnets and is held in place by four very thin tethersJanjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect, spent six years to develop what seems like something out of the supernatural/fantasy world – a magnetically levitating bed. This “Aladdin's flying carpet” which floats above magnets is capable of carrying up to 900 kilograms and is held in place by four very thin tethers.

The regular model comes at a whopping USD $1.5 million. It also comes at 1/5th the size of the regular model at a more affordable $146,000. At this price, it is still way too expensive for a bed and is certainly more useful for impressing potential overnight guests rather than having a good night’s sleep. However, I do like its innovative design.

Link: Techeblog
Image: Janjaap Ruijssenaars
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Gena said…
That's so interesting! Gosh..if they can invent a leviating bed now, I wonder what will they invent in the future. But the bed's too expensive. Like you said, I wouldn't buy it for a good night's sleep. It's more of the just-for-show kind of bed.