Look Ma, No Interfaces!

Demonstration of a multi-touch interface by Jefferson HanIf you have seen the movie “Minority Report”, you must be awed by the ease in which simple hand gestures are used to interact with a computer in place of keyboard and mouse. So, when will such an interface becomes a reality? It would probably be a surprise to you but the answer is present day. According to Howstuffworks,

Han debuted the uber-cool multi-touch interface at TED 2006 (Technology Entertainment Design), an annual 4-day conference held in Monterrey, California. He demonstrated to a roomful of enthusiastic observers the multi-touch interface’s graphic capabilities and intuitive approach where "the interface disappears." With no more than two fingers, Han navigates through computer programs -- a 3-D mapping program (like Google Earth), resizing and organizing digital photos and typing on a virtual keyboard -- on the pressure-sensitive screen.

Wow, this completely revolutionizes the human-computer interface. Looks like the keyboard and mouse would soon be obsolete. Can’t wait for it to happen! Remember to watch the video of Han’s demonstration from the following link.

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Cindy said…
Wow, that sounds awesome. Though I can't help but imagine it would take me a while to be able to get used to that! But then again it's not a change that will happen overnight. :P

And what do you mean my numerous references to poo made you lose your appetite?! XD There is nothing wrong with poo! x_x;
Spluch said…
Hey, my exact words were "Wow! Poo, poo and more poo! I think I have just lost my appetite. Haha. Just kidding!"

I did mention that I was just kidding. Nevertheless, I apologize if my words offended you.