Maze of Maize

Arial view of the largest maze of maize in the worldAre you a maze lover? Here is one with a design based on Star Trek, which covers an area of 15 football fields and carved out of 1.5 million growing maize plants. The sheer size of it sealed its position as the largest maze of maize in the world.

I can imagine myself getting hopelessly lost in such a humongous maze as I am pretty bad in navigation. Nevertheless, it should be a pretty interesting and fun experience being surrounded by tons of maize.

Link: York Maze
Image: © York Maze
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Dakota~ said…
Thanks a lot for your comment, I love comment haha.
I like your blog, its very professional :)
and the mazes in that pic are very intricate
Rhys said…
Ever been in one of these mazes? We used to have one grown every year that straddled the side of a hill, so it was quite a trek up and down the hill (except for one year, where they messed up and if you kept to the bottom of the hill you could get around it no worries.
Spluch said…
Haven’t tried one out before as I live in a metropolitan city and there are no such mazes nearby. Hope to experience one someday. Perhaps I should fly over to York Maze…