Mind-controlled wheelchair

Controlling a wheelchair through thoughtA team of researchers led by Professor Kazuo Tanaka at the University of Electro-Communications have come up with a new type of wheelchair which can be steered by thought. According to Pink Tentacle,

The wheelchair interprets the user’s intended direction by means of a skull cap outfitted with a system of sensors. The sensors read the brain waves, enabling the user to control the wheelchair’s direction simply by thinking “move left” or “move right.” Tests have shown that the wheelchair has an 80% degree of accuracy in interpreting the user’s intentions and moving in the desired direction.

The degree of accuracy is incredible given the complexity of interpreting thoughts. This technology would be of great help to the many unfortunate people in the world who can’t move the wheelchair by themselves.

The application of this technology is endless. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one can interact with all electronic devices simply by thought?

Link: Pink Tentacle
Image: Brylyn / Flickr
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