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Steorn CEOPreviously, I mentioned that Steorn has come up with a new technology to produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy. More information about the technology are as follows:
There is a test rig with wheels and cogs and four magnets meticulously aligned so as to create the maximum tension between their fields and one other magnet fixed to a point opposite. A motor rotates the wheel bearing the magnets and a computer takes 28,000 measurements a second. The magnets, naturally, act upon one another. And when it is all over, the computer tells us that almost three times the amount of energy has come out of the system as went in. In fact, this piece of equipment is 285% efficient.

Link: Guardian via Boing Boing
Image: Steorn
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Anonymous said…
There is no real doubt into the existence of this technology (based on the information that is available).

Unfortunately some members of the scientific community and their zealous, blind, easily manipulated and fear prone followers seem to have a fundamentalist component and a default setting of sorts.

Not too long ago there was a belief that the earth was flat and all who thought differently were considered blasphemous and further proclaimed heretics to be subsequently burnt at a stake.

Another question is why have Steorn chosen this obvious reason is that if the standard protocols were pursued no one would have even heard about this as there are many powerful individuals, governments and corporations that are bound to be upset with a discovery that's been around for quite sometime. All of the mentioned follow the motto "if it is not broken don't fix it" and they are furthermore comfortable and content with how the ailing current economic system works. To quote Upton Sinclair: " It is hard for a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it".

Fortunately changes are certainly taking place and the real question is....when will the paradigm shift occur?