Nabaztag – A Smart Rabbit

An intelligent internet companionIs that a toy? Yes! It is a toy for the internet enthusiast and its name is Nabaztag. So what can it do? Well, this wireless gadget is capable of conveying information from the Web to you through speech. This includes incoming emails, RSS feeds, weather, stock market and even the day’s news headlines.

The most fascinating aspect of it is that it can change colour and wiggle his ears. It even flashes upon the arrival of interesting news or information. In addition, it is capable of mimicking the actions of another Nabaztag nearby! Kids would be especially attracted to this.

In summary, this is not only a cute product, it is very helpful too. Just sit back, relax and let your ears do the reading.

Image: © Gizoo
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Gena said…
Nabaztag sounds really interesting! It looks so cute!
Spluch said…
I especially like the ear wiggling part. :)
sohee said…
MMmm mama wants! Can you buy this in USA?
Spluch said…
Yes. You can refer to the following link for more information on where to get one.