New documentary series – Fight Science

A documentary series which looks at how martial artists generate the power and speed behind each moveIf you are a fan of martial arts, you will love this new TV series, Fight Science on National Geographic Channel. Here is what National Geographic has to say about it.

For the upcoming television special, Fight Science, researchers used high-tech equipment to put real martial artists to the test. The feature will air on August 20 on the National Geographic Channel.

The action took place inside a specially designed film studio that is part laboratory and part dojo, a school for training in the various arts of self-defense.

Here world champion martial artists from diverse disciplines were pitted against a customized crash-test dummy outfitted with impact sensors.

The sensors—along with infrared, high-speed, and high-definition motion-capture cameras—allowed scientists to measure and map the speed, force, range, and impact of the fighter's techniques.

The result is an unprecedented look at how martial artists generate the power and speed behind each move.

Some interesting notes from the series:
  • Most powerful punch - Boxing
  • Most devastating kicks - Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing.
  • Fastest strike - Kung fu punch
I am sure it will be a very educational and interesting series. Look forward to it.

Link: National Geographic
Image: Baggis / Flickr
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