Portable Paper Shredder

A demonstration of using a portable paper shredderPersonal documents are always the ones that others want to see. Tearing is a rather inefficient form of shredding as it tends to leave bits of sensitive information intact.

This portable paper shredder is perfect for shredding paper and sensitive documents discretely at home. Don’t you find it more convenient and economical? I am sure this item comes in handy for a cook too!

Link & Image: Sumairu.com
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wow really cool and simple! Multiple blade scissors as shredder. I'm sure its an awesome tool.
sohee said…
way more fun than a paper shredder! btw spluch, im on hiatus on bunnyleeshus, if you wanna check me out at http://polkadotbunny.blogspot.com/

Web2earn said…
Excellent blog and thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts here. I am very interested in the development of the paper shredder revolution, both for my masters degree and for my website. I’ve just begun to gather data on ID theft and similar crime and it seems this is truly a plague of modern society.

If you are interested I have some interesting FACTA law resources on my website and I plan to add more info on topics such as purchasing used paper shredders, guides on the necessary security protection and resources on paper shredder types.

Enjoy your day!

Mike R.