A possible Earth-like planet

Comparison of 55 Cancri system and our ownWith recent advancement in technology, researchers have come up with a list of systems that could harbor life-sustaining planets. The most likely of these candidates is a nearby star called 55 Cancri. Our current knowledge of that system includes 4 planets of which a huge void fills the gap between the 3rd and 4th planet.

Computer simulations have shown that it is highly likely that a 5th planet exists in this void. Since it has a distance that is just right (similar to the distance between Sun and Earth) from 55 Cancri, a planet with mass, temperature and water content could have formed.

Does this planet really exist? If it does exist, could there be alien life forms residing there? Only time will tell. I can only hope that these questions can be answered within my lifetime.

Link: NASA
Image: Sean Raymond / NASA
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