Underwater Hotel and Restaurant

World's first undersea hotel to be located off the coast of a private island in Fiji.Taking a vacation under the sea sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? Not according to Poseidon Resorts which is designing a hotel on the ocean floor. More than 60% of the exterior will be constructed using transparent acrylic “windows”. What a spectacular view of the undersea world these windows will provide.

The facilities housed by this luxury complex will include a revolving restaurant, pool, bar, cafe, tennis courts, dive shop/water sports center, library, and luxury spa/hydrotherapy. This hotel is currently under construction off the coast of a private island in Fiji with plans to open next year. Of course, staying at the world’s first undersea hotel will not come cheap. Reservation will start from mid-November, 2006 at a rate of $15,000 per person, per week.

If you can’t wait to live in a fishbowl, how about trying out the world’s first undersea restaurant, Ithaa, located at Rangali Island, Maldives (opened on 15 April 2006). It seats at 5 metres below the waves of the Indian Ocean at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa with a transparent arch that spans the entire room. This offers a 360° view of the surrounding reef and marine life while dinning. This will certainly makes for a romantic and unforgettable dining experience. For those who are rich enough to afford it that is.

Undersea Hotel: Poseidon Resorts via SciFi & Popgadget
Undersea Restaurant: Hilton via Hospitality Net
Image: SciFi
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