Wind Shaped Pavilion

Pavilion with a changing face shaped by windHave you ever seen a building with an ever changing face? I doubt so. The images of the Wind Shaped Pavilion are the latest design proposal by Michael Jantzen. This is an environmentally friendly building where each segments can be rotated independent of each other thus generating electrical power for nighttime illumination. Rotation is achieved by the wind acting on each segment.

For me, the ideal location for such a building would be in the vicinity where the mountains meet the sea. This, coupled with ever changing views of the surrounding landscape would be just picture perfect.

Link: Michael Jantzen
Image: © Michael Jantzen
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Martin J Frid said…
Fantastic design. Seems very dreamlike! I do wish they could create a weightless building... Somehow, most architecture seems too heavy for me.

Great blog!
Spluch said…
“Weightless building” sounds like the International Space Station to me. I believe we will have a chance to live in such an environment soon given the recent hype on space hotels. :)
Pandabonium said…
I'm getting dizzy.....

Cool blog.