Anti-terrorist Luggage Lock

TSA Lock.Although the plot to blow up UK flights to the US was disrupted two months ago, it has once again highlighted the importance of airport security and screening of checked-in luggage. As a result, for all flights between UK and US, each passenger luggage to be checked in are required to have TSA locks installed; otherwise that piece of luggage must not be locked during luggage check-in.

What makes the TSA lock so special? The TSA lock has a number lock (what's new!) plus a special key lock which only certain airport security staff are equipped with. Hence in the event whereby a piece of suspicious luggage is found and the owner isn't nearby, the security personnel will be able to inspect that luggage without having to purposely locate the passenger or cause other passengers to panic. Otherwise, the security personnel will have to no choice but to force open the luggage, damaging the luggage in the process.

Link & Image: Mirrcolock
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