Charge Your Cellphone with Your Legs!

Cellphone charger built into shoes.Himachal Pradesh, a 19-year-old boy, came up with a modified pair of shoes which allows the wearer to charge his/her cellphone while he/she is on the move.

"These are very helpful for power hit areas and they can charge your cell within an hour's time," says Pankaj.

The mechanism is quite simple - a dynamo attached to the shoe converts the mechanical energy produced by the pressure of the foot on the sole into electrical energy. A bridge rectifier further converts the AC current into DC current and produces five to six volts of electricity.

For this invention, Pankaj has won the first prize in the student category from the National Innovation Foundation.

He now wants that his innovation be installed by the Army as it will enable soldiers to charge their wireless radio sets without depending on electricity or solar energy.

Link & Image: IBN via HipTechBlog
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