Exquisite moon cake, anyone?

golden moon cake.I've always enjoyed moon cakes, but have never tasted one made of crystal with a gold coin in its hollow center. Yes, that's right; this "golden moon cake" is designed for displaying purposes rather than filling your stomach!

According to the shop employee, each box of golden moon cake consists of 4 moon cakes, and besides the golden moon cake series, there is also the "silver moon cake" - made from high grade silver. The price of these moon cakes is based mainly on its weight, and they range from approximately US$162 to US$4,139.

After "tasting" the golden moon cake, how about an edible moon cake for a change? Well guys, you've got another choice - the "abalony moon cake"! Apparently, these US$84 moon cakes aren't very popular with the Chinese locals. "Why is it so?” one might ask. The reason is simple: these moon cakes are too expensive and hence it is against the common tradition of enjoying a piece of tasty and affordable moon cake with a cup of Chinese tea. Gesh.. I'm now really feeling hungry.

Link & Image: Xin Hua (golden moon cake) & Xin Hua (abalony moon cake)
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mmm sounds good, a couple of moon cakes with a cup of chinese tea, the best wulong tea. Hey where can i get some good moon cakes from?