Give the umbrella a shake – and it’s dry!

Nanonanu umbrella.How do you deal with a soaking wet umbrella? Let it dry off somewhere and create a big puddle of water where it is placed. Have you ever wish that you can clean and dry your umbrella completely just by giving it a good shake? Now you can. This revolutionary umbrella named NanoNuno, modeled on the natural phenomenon of the lotus leaf allows you to do just that.

In nature, a fascinating effect is produced by the microscopic, rough nanostructure on the leaves of the lotus plant: Dirt and moisture simply roll off. This is because there is a much smaller surface area to which things can stick than on a smooth surface. The design of your NanoNuno umbrella is based on this natural principle, with the result that moisture does not penetrate the fabric and so there is no tedious drying.

This umbrella is now available from Pro-Idee at £49.95 ($94 USD).

Link & Image: Pro-Idee via SciFi
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