High Tea with Lamborghini

High tea with Lamborghini.Ever tried having high tea with a Lamborghini placed at the center of the table? The following quote from Autoblog describes an interesting setup of a Lamborghini resting only on 4 tea cups! Frankly speaking, I would rather have the Lamborghini rather that the tea cups.

Thanksgiving with the family would be so much more bearable if Grandma were forced to pass the gravy around the front fender of a Lamborghini Gallardo. This odd display is set up outside the William Ashley store in downtown Toronto to promote a contest for a 20-piece set of fine china.

The Gallardo was hoisted up with a crane and delicately set atop four tea cups beneath each wheel. There's literally nothing holding up this car's curb weight of 3,153 lbs. except four tiny tea cups. It's rather odd to use a high performance exotic like the Lamborghini Gallardo to excite the tea and crumpets crowd, but we suspect the car's Kermit green color is more than enough to attract interest from passersby.

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Link & Image: Autoblog
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