Home makes unusual journey across harbor

1910 Queen Anne-style home.This old house took an unusual journey across a large natural harbor (Florida’s Tampa Bay) to its new home.

Perched on a barge, the 1910 Queen Anne-style home was moved across the bay while the curious gathered on the nearby Skyway bridge to watch the house pass underneath.

On Monday, movers lifted the 220-ton house from the lot where it was built and onto the barge. They had to wait for proper tides before crossing the bay.

George Corbett and his wife purchased the home because Palmetto City officials said the house had to go to make room for a waterfront revitalization plan.

Corbett spent nearly a year working out the details on how to move the house 25 miles to the north to a spot in Ruskin, Fla.

A video which shows the barge carrying the home across Tampa Bay is available on the following link.

Link & Image: Turnto10 via Arbroath
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