Honey, I shrunk the fast food!

Minature fast food.Do you love fast food, but yet are afraid of gaining weight? How about trying out the miniature version of it instead?

A very crafty woman responded to a "craft challenge" and created a teeny tiny Splenda-packet-sized tray of fast food. Tiny replicas of food are nothing new, but when the replicas are made with real food and are actually edible, that's quite an achievement.

The crafter used tiny pickles, tomatoes, and the innermost rings of onions, but made the bun, the burger patty, and French fries herself. Her husband fashioned the tray from clay. The photo here shows just how small the entire tray is, but a super close-up of the tiny burger on the craftster forum is incredible. You would never guess that the burger fits on your fingertip.

Link & Image: Craftster Forum via Slashfood
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Feroz said…
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Lynn said…
Last time I went to McDonald's their real food was almost that small. And still had a ton of fat and a gazillion calories.
Spluch said…
Well, they may be trying to cut down on the serving size and calories, but I have to agree that the food they serve is still on the unhealthy side.