House built to withstand chemical, biological and nuclear attack

House which can withstand chemical, biological and nuclear attack.Four days ago, I blogged about a bulletproof toilet that could withstand a TNT detonation. Now, someone has built a home equipped with a genuine Swiss-made Luwa nuclear, biological, chemical air filter that will effectively filter out all known bacteriological agents, all known viruses, and even radioactive fallout.

In addition, the earth home is made from a kind of patented steel-reinforced concrete which could withstand almost any natural or man-made disaster. This coupled with the chemical air filter makes it a safe haven for future plagues, biological terrorism, and even nuclear war.

This home is strategically located in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, USA, with a built-in area of 2472 square feet with an additional 800 square feet in the attached underground garage. Although this home is built underground, it still has a level of comfort one might not expect to find. It also features natural gas heating as well as an off grid solar power supply which acts as a backup. This impervious house is on sale for USD $475,000.

Click on the image to get a full view of the house.

Link & Image: The Ultimate Secure Home
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