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Most expensive private island in the world

Hat Island.Vatu Vara, located in Fiji, is the most beautiful and expensive private island in the world. This magnificent island is on sale for 75 million dollars. Due to the summit's shape, it is also referred to as ‘Hat Island’. Its jungle-clad peak stands at 314 meters (1,030 feet) tall while its aquamarine lagoon contains a myriad of queer and familiar fish.

This is an extinct volcano that has become overgrown by coral reefs to form an atoll. The flat top was once at sea level, which is why the summit is flat. The topography of the island is more reminiscent of Krabi in Thailand, Langkawi in Malaysia or the Aru Islands in Irian Jaya.

Mel Gibson owns Mago Island just 30 kilometres to the east.

More photographs and information on the island can be found from the following link.

Link & Image: Dutton Direct via Arbroath
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its worth no more than 15 mil, its priced so high so that the media would talk about it.

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