New substitute for blood makes one look as white as Michael Jackson!

Donated blood.Looks like being “pale” may be the new healthy look in future because the new substitute for blood looks like milk. That is if the researchers in Singapore have their way.

They are well on their way to concocting a substitute for the very fluid that keeps us alive – blood. If it works out, the researchers suggest that it might even have an edge, in certain areas, over the real thing.

“Blood is complex, difficult to handle and has a limited storage life span of 35 days,” said Dr Perry Travers, senior consultant of Emergency Medicine at Alexandra Hospital, who is the principal investigator of the research group. “The demand is also unpredictable and it may hold transmissible diseases. If we can replace it then we can do away with all these problems.”

“Theoretically you will be able to replace all the blood in your body with the blood substitute, but you will be white so you will look like Michael Jackson,” said Dr Travers.” I think some ladies would find that very attractive!”

Link: Today
Image: Foxicat
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