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Pole to Pole Manpowered 2007

Path taken from North Pole to South PoleJames Hooper and Rob Gauntlett, two 19 year old teenagers from UK are embarking on a remarkable journey that will take them from the North Pole to the South Pole using only human and natural power. They have already succeeded in setting foot on the summit of Mount Everest earlier this year on 17 May 2006. However, this is the first time such an expedition is attempted.

Their challenge called “180 Degrees – Pole to Pole Manpowered” will begin in March 2007. This groundbreaking adventure will be a combination of skiing, cycling and sailing. The whole journey will cover 17,000 miles over 3 continents and is estimated to take 10 months to complete. Check out the introductory video from the following link.

Link: Image: 180Degrees
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James Hooper came to our school (Truro School) and delivered a fantastic talk about his and Rob's incredible trip up Mount Everest. Congratulations guys! Hearing your story has been a real incentive for me to go out and follow my dreams ;) Thank you so much and the very best of luck with 180 degrees... You both deserve every success :) Luv from Tammy xxx

Also... What is the music played to your 180 degrees video? It's very good x

Erm... don't mean to piss on your parade or anything but isn't sailing using wind power?

You could try it pedaling or rowing and I'll certainly donate.

All the best,

Nick Errington

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