Preparing stew for 30,000 people

Yamagata Imoni Festival.Last weekend at the Yamagata Imoni Festival (“Yamagata potato stew festival”), 100 chefs make use of a cauldron measuring 6 meters in diameter to prepare potato soup for 30,000 guests. This was held on the banks of the Mamigasaki River in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. The most fascinating aspect of it was that construction vehicles were actually involved in the cooking process!
The soup was made entirely from local ingredients, including 3 tons of taro potatoes (satoimo), 1.2 tons of beef, 3,500 blocks of konnyaku (yam paste), 3,500 leeks, 50 bottles of sake, 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of sugar, 700 liters (gallons) of soy sauce, and 6 tons of water. After the stew boiled for 4 hours, 2 backhoes were used to scoop it into smaller cauldrons for easier serving. The soup was reported to have a refreshing soy sauce flavor.

A separate batch of miso-flavored potato soup with pork was prepared in a smaller cauldron measuring 3 meters in diameter.

Link & Image: Pink Tentacle
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