A toothbrush that doubles as a music player

A woman brushing her teeth.Would you like to listen to music while you brush your teeth? How about using the toothbrush itself as a music player? A new toothbrush invented by scientists called Tooth Tunes does just that. Unlike conventional radio/gadgets however, music is not transmitted through the air waves. Rather, it is transmitted from your teeth and jawbone to your ear.

A single piece of music is stored in a microchip in the brush's handle. When a button is pushed, it plays on a minicomputer and is transported along the bristles, through the teeth and jawbone and into the ear. While the user hears 'a cross between the sound of music coming out of a stereo and the sound of humming to oneself', onlookers are aware only of a buzzing noise similar to an electric toothbrush.

Replacement chips with different songs will be available, and Hasbro is negotiating with artists including the Black Eyed Peas and Will Smith.

Link: Daily Mail
Image: Beppie K
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