Wine tasting robots

Many of us that are not really into wine tasting will have difficulty in distinguishing good wine from bad. However, in Japan, it seems that some robots are able to discern good wine from bad, and when it has identified a wine, the robot speaks up in a childlike voice. It names the brand and adds a comment or two on the taste, such as whether it is a buttery chardonnay or a full-bodied shiraz, and what kind of foods might go well on the side.

All this is made possible using an infrared spectrometer. When objects are placed against the sensor, the robot fires off a beam of infrared light. The reflected light is then analyzed in real time to determine the object's chemical composition.

Now, next time when someone complains that you don't know how to appreciate wine, how about bringing one of these robots to show them a thing or two, except that buying one of these would cost about as much as a new car!

Link: Wired News
Image: K├Ânrad
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