Woman gets bionic arm controlled by thoughts

Woman with a bionic arm.The first generation bionic arm is born and it is controlled by thought. It certainly reminds the older generation of the excellent television series “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman”.
A woman who lost her arm at the shoulder in a horrible motorcycle accident has become the fourth person (and first woman) to become the recipient of a bionic arm that's controlled by her thoughts.

By simply thinking about the banana sitting next to her arm she reaches out and grabs it for an easy peel. She still has no feeling in the arm or hand, but just being able to function more like she did before the accident is a huge relief. "I use it to help with cooking, for holding a laundry basket, for folding clothes — all kinds of daily tasks," she says. She hopes to get an upgrade in the future to allow her to have tactile feelings in the hand, making grasping objects much easier and a more natural experience.

Link & Image: SciFi
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