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World's smallest teddy bear

Tiny Ted.Tiny Ted.The world’s smallest teddy bear is only 5mm high. This teddy bear called Mini the Pooh is made by German sculptor Bettina Kaminski. It is so incredibly tiny that it is almost invisible to the naked eye. More photos of it can be found from the following link.

Link & Image: Ботинок

Update: There is an even smaller teddy at 4.5mm tall that holds the world record. It is hand sewn by Cheryl Moss. Some info about it:

From Mossie Bears:
He is fully jointed with hand sewn eyes, nose and mouth. He lives in the Cheju Island Teddy bear museum in Korea and is displayed under a magnifying glass, for all to see.

Thanks, Cheryl Moss !

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What do you mean almost invisible. Are your fingernails almost invisible?

“Almost invisible” is used as an exaggeration to describe that the object is extremely tiny. I must stress that it is only 5 millimeter tall which is much smaller than the fingernail. So when one misplaces it, it probably won’t be found again.

I`m sorry - http://www.mossiebears.com/BEARS_GWRBEATERS.html

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